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Horizontal Drag Conveyors for Iowa & Illinois Farms

Grain handling devices known as drag conveyors, or sometimes chain conveyors, are a popular way for farmers to transport grain from grain trucks to grain storage systems. These devices are great for situations where a durable but effective option is needed. The chain conveyors offered here at Quad County Ag, LLC. require relatively low horsepower and minimal maintenance. This makes them flexible and affordable.

These conveyors utilize a horizontal conveyor chain system that gently pushes grain along to move it without damaging it. Horizontal drag conveyors utilize a chain conveyor system that pushes or drags that grain along, moving it from the dump pit to the grain bin. These systems have a simple design that is reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance. The design of horizontal drag conveyors can also make them easier to repair in some situations, especially if they are on-grade.

Why Choose Horizontal Drag Conveyors from Quad County Ag for Your Grain Farm in IA or IL?

Horizontal Drag Conveyors IL and IAGrain farmers across the country have experienced several different benefits from choosing horizontal drag conveyors for their grain movement and handling needs. Some of the ways that you can benefit from investing in a horizontal drag conveyor system for your grain farm may include:

  • Variety: you can get horizontal chain conveyors in a variety of sizes and speeds to best fit your grain farming operation. you can also choose from conveyors that are underground, on-grade, or overhead to ensure you get one that is right for your setup.
  • Maintenance: In general, these systems are easy-to-maintain for long-term use.
  • Long-Lasting: Our drag conveyors are made of durable materials that make them a very reliable option for years to come.
  • Low Horsepower: The horizontal drag conveyors that we offer require little horsepower, making them a good option for more farmers.

Contact the team at Quad County Ag, LLC. to find out if horizontal drag conveyors are the right option for your Iowa or Illinois grain farm.


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